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via Build & Run your Hotel’s Website Today! – Hotelgenius.

Hotelgenius – Build & Run your Hotel’s Website Today!

A hotel’s website is a crucial and fundamental sales channel. In a highly competitive market, you have to make a strategic move in order to provide your hotel with the appropriate online presence. Hoteliers have an endless list of opportunities and channels to reach their goals and make the most out of their digital strategy. However, in order to succeed in every single step you have to start from the basics. After developing your digital marketing strategy, you have to look after your website. No matter what your goals, your target audience or your hotel’s character are, every online move you make – from advertising to social media and competitions – redirects your potential customer back to your website. In other words, your website is the core medium to your online success, so you have to pay exceptional attention in its development.

Due to the lack of face-to-face contact, your website becomes the only means of communication between you and your customers so you have to make the most out of this way of communication. From design and artistic elements, to content, features and utility aspects, your website has to offer customers with a unique experience. Easier said than done though. Absolutely. You need expert advice, the latest technologies and professional support in order to get the finest outcomes. In plain English, you need the Hotelgenius Website Builder that allows you to choose among exceptional and fully customizable website themes, exclusively designed for hotels, tested and proven successful. By taking into consideration the latest needs and trends in the travel industry and our experience in the travel industry, we will offer you the basic key for exceptional ROI. We offer you the tool to have your new website up and running in a few hours.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, hotel marketers are going through a major test. According to studies, in 2014, almost 40% of hotel page views came from non-desktop devices and over 20% of bookings came from tablets and mobiles. That means that marketers have to prepare and manage an online strategy for a multi-device environment. In other words, hotel websites need the latest technology and the appropriate tools in order to offer the best user experience and cause the maximum level of engagement through any kind of screen or device. We have the best solution for you. Our website builder comes with a responsive design, which means your page will adjust to any device offering your visitors a smooth navigation and an uninterrupted experience. The present-day user is going through multiple devices before making a booking, so you would not want your website to push them away when accessed from a tablet. Users tend to turn to another website when they are experiencing navigation difficulties. Therefore, if your website does not function properly among different channels you have to make the appropriate changes as soon as possible. Try our website builder today and increase your sales in this multi-screen world!

Unlimited Changes

In a fast moving environment, you have to stay on track to avoid losing ground. The fact that you might have your hotel website ready to go does not mean that your online strategy can stay intact forever. That might was the case years ago. Today, you have to speed up to catch up with the trends and the market’s needs. You have to update your website, a.k.a. online presence, sooner than you think. Our website builder allows you to edit and change anything you want on your website, in real-time and at no extra cost. Use it today and promote your hotel’s brand like never before, while offering your visitors a frequently updated experience that will keep them interested and engaged. Finally yet importantly, our in-house designers have developed all designs and possible adjustments according to the latest requirements of the travel industry, offering you choices that have proved to convert! A hotel website has special requirements that are not common to other markets so if you want to succeed you have to choose hotel-exclusive designs – even the tiniest detail can make a difference when it comes to the traveler’s choice, and you have to take advantage of that.

To sum up, in a constantly evolving travel market and with all the new technologies that are coming up every year, hotel marketers have to make smart investments in order to keep their website up-to-date, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Visit our website for the full list of advantages and opportunities you get with our website builder.


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