What’s Wrong with my Website?

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are all familiar with that moment when you want to check something online and you suddenly lose your will because you come across a couple of disasters – not for you of course, you just move to next option. However, in our and your case the one that is losing from these disasters is your hotel and that’s the last thing we want.  So, talking from the website visitor’s position, as everything I’m going to analyze below have happened to me as well, let’s see together the main reasons why a visitor is so quick at hitting the back button when visiting some websites. As we have said before, there are so many options available out there so there is no room for mistakes. If you really want to keep the visitor to your website for more than ten seconds, you have to pay attention to the following.

Bad design/navigation

Let’s be honest. When we first visit a website, we perform a quick scanning in order to find the info we need. If we cannot find something interesting within seconds then guess what happens. The website’s bounce rate increases. You do not want that, do you?

In fact, if a website is not designed in a way that facilitates navigation and if the most important aspects of it are not in the right position, the visitor will go to a competitive website in order to enjoy a better user-experience. Badly designed websites that make visitors spend valuable time searching for the info they need have minimal possibilities for conversion. If the visitor needs to scroll down a thousand times in order to find your contact details, or zoom in and out to the degree of getting a headache in order to find all the appropriate details about a room then you just a lost a customer. Last but not least, if a website is not built on responsive design then the chances for conversion are minimal.

Slow loading times

Let’s discuss a hypothetical but very familiar situation. The potential customer is searching online for his next getaway filled with excitement. So excited he just cannot wait to find a room and enjoy the long weekend with his other half. He visits a hotel website and after 5 seconds, he is getting more and more enthusiastic, after 10 seconds, he is losing his interest and then, he will just move to his next option, which means to another hotel website.

In other words, if your visitor is not able to open the page he wants as fast as possible, the result is always the same: moving on to the next one. No matter what the reason for visiting a web page is, we always want to “be served” quickly. If we are not, then we will try another one. Actually, studies have shown that 40% of visitors leave a site if it needs more than 3 seconds to load. It looks like today’s visitors are very impatient so you have to give them a very fast experience.

Bad content

Maybe the adjective is not right for the word content, but integrates into one word many negative characteristics. First off, if the content is not readable then the customer will move away. When I say readable, I refer to many things including wrong sizing, bad or old-fashioned fonts, typos and grammar mistakes. All of the above make the visitor believe that you are not paying attention to quality. Then, the content of your website needs to well- structured. If the visitor needs to read the health and safety policy before being able to check availability, then your content manager has not done his/her job right.

Moreover, if you have a news, offers or a blog page, make sure that your latest post was not uploaded four years ago. If the visitor realize that your content has not been updated since forever, he/she will think the same about your hotel services and facilities. You do not want that. Also, keep in mind that the older the content on your website the fewer the chances of performing well in search results.

To sum up, because of the proliferation of choices on the web, if you want to make your visitors stay on your website and, hopefully, make a booking, you have to pay considerable attention to its image and functionality. The customer’s journey to your hotel starts on the web and you have to be very careful when planning and developing your website. The reasons for leaving a website are not just the three mentioned above, as even from your personal experience you will think of more than 10, however, these are the most common. Although every website as every hotel has its own needs and its own special requirements, there is a meeting point that brings them all together. That point is Hotelgenius that allows you to surpass not only your development and design issues, but also provides you with unique tools for content management and marketing practices.


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